• Organisational Development

    Effective Organisational Development and a proactive approach to Learning & Development can have a significant impact on your business growth, talent retention, employee engagement as well as your reputation as an employer. It is more than defining and delivering a series of programmes that can have short term results – to be truly effective, it should be integrated to the overall business strategy and route to market.

    We do that by including a number of core components:

    Diagnosis and Needs Assessment

    Effective Learning & Development must be aligned with your business strategy and needs to be developed in line with your structure, culture, resource, and budget. It also needs to bear in mind the plan you have for the future and be agile to adapt to it as your company evolves.

    Whether you want to introduce L&D into your organisation for the first time or whether you want to review your current provision, we initially work with you to understand your market, strategy, key challenges, current business model , existing processes and people potential. We then recommend an approach and solutions that deliver results through developing your people.

    Developing and Implementing L&D Strategy

    To have the desired, long term impact, L&D activities need to be planned and implemented with a structured approach in line with business requirements. When working with you on your workforce development strategy, be it creating a new one or assisting with an existing one, we focus on:

    • Core learning interventions to develop your people – from front line customer service, sales and compliance to leadership programme, talent programmes and succession planning
    • Blended delivery solutions to maximise your budgets and increase learning effectiveness
    • Design of KPIs, metrics and measurement methodologies to assess the impact learning has on your company
    • Implementation plans to manage key stakeholders and engage the business
    • Organisational culture change to embed learning and ensure transfer of knowledge to the workplace
    • Resource planning, budgeting and project managing the implementation
    • Recommendations for required L&D frameworks and processes
    • Evaluation and review of success

    Programme Design and Delivery

    We work with our clients to deliver innovative and engaging programme solutions ranging from workshops to full project management of L&D interventions.

    Our project managed solutions mean we engage with key stakeholders in your company to define specific programme needs, design the programme content and its measurable outcomes to deliver the results you need.

    We often manage communications surrounding the programme to maximise engagement and offer post-programme support to ensure learning is embedded, utilised and absorbed.

    Examples include:

    • Developing a Talent Academy / Professional Academy
    • Career paths mapping and curriculum design
    • Effective onboarding/induction programmes
    • Performance management, enhanced appraisal processes and competency development
    • Designing and implementing solutions for capability building e.g. building professional capability in-house (such as HR, Compliance, L&D, IT and customer service)
    • Change or culture change programmes to support business strategy
    • Fully managed L&D Provision

    If your business does not have dedicated training or Learning & Development resource, we offer a fully managed L&D service. We partner with you to understand your needs, we develop your strategy and then manage all aspects of your L&D provision from design to sourcing and managing external specialist providers where required. No company is too small – it is often smaller businesses that can deliver the most impact to their growth through an effective and proactive L&D approach! By partnering with us, you will find a more effective use of budgets and resources to develop your people to make your business grow.

    How can this benefit your business?

    L&D Strategy

    Your business has undergone a difficult change. After evaluating your strategy, your business is changing direction. This means a new product or service. You’ve worked with your accountants or business strategy consultants and have a plan for creating a new market for your business. All you need now is to make sure you have the right people with the right capabilities to deliver that plan.

    We will work with you to audit and map the existing capabilities of your workforce, then create a strategy for bringing the missing capabilities into your business in the most cost effective and sustainable way. By assessing your strategy and business plan, we match the requirements of your business as it changes with people-focused activities: we identify the skills your employees will need to achieve your plan and devise a mechanism to teach them those skills in time. This will help avoiding the need to acquire skills at a high price, or wait until the staff is trained, having realised those skills are missing.

    Putting the plan together is only half the success – we then work with you to design means to measure the success of development activities, and create an evaluation and feedback mechanism to trigger continual improvement as your business changes.

    Fully managed L&D provision

    Your business has 50 employees and like most businesses, you need to ensure certain standards are met, such as health and safety, professional practices, refresher courses and so on. Until now, you had been working with your administrative team to keep track of who has done which course when to make sure practices are maintained. So far things have been taking care of themselves – but you know that over the next year you will need to hire a few more people and may not have as much money to spend on training as and when then need it. At this point, we will audit your staff and their requirements and consider the different type of training and development you need on a regular basis and also suggest other training opportunities – you may be able to up-skill some of your employees and avoid spending money on recruiting new staff. We will research the market for the best training providers and the best rates to make sure your staff is trained, business best practices are maintained with minimum disruption to running the business.