• Need a Learning Management System (LMS)?

    Many organisations we work with find themselves in need of a Learning Management System (LMS). Choosing a computerised system is never an easy thing. It is often more difficult when there are so many systems with so many different types of functions on offer. How do you choose the right one?

    Broadly speaking, we work with two distinct groups of LMS-seekers, those that don’t have an LMS and are approaching this system for the first time and those that have got an LMS, but are not very happy with it. Click on the links below to explore the problems you are likely to be facing.

    Your company doesn't have an LMS

    You are probably thinking you are missing out on a cost effective and powerful way to distribute information and learning in your company. Furthermore, an LMS could be a great way for you to keep track employee performance. As if that wasn’t enough, an LMS can automate a lot of spreadsheets you probably never have time to look at or update, such as appraisal feedback, exit interviews, talent management and succession.

    The fact you don’t have access to this business-critical information is costing you money and costing you talent that leaves your company for other jobs.

    Do these symptoms sound familiar? Contact us now for a free consultation.

    Your company has an LMS but it's not quite right

    You are probably finding that it is more hassle than it’s worth. This could be due to a number of issues, but the symptoms tend to mean you spend more time maintaining the LMS and its data and less time making sure it supports the business and its objectives. You may be finding yourself spending long minutes producing a report that should be a single click of a button, or long hours reconciling training and appraisal information when you know it could be automated. You may also be keeping other information (like talent or appraisal data) on different spreadsheets, or have separate systems for those that do not communicate to each other.

    Other symptoms include loss of talent or not having means to quickly find a suitable and ready replacement within your company for senior or highly skills person when they leave. You may be finding that senior management isn’t happy with your e-Learning or talent efforts, but you are doing the absolutely best that you can but don’t know how or what to do differently.

    You are losing critical talent and skills which winds up costing a lot of money to replace. You are also likely to be spending a lot more than you need on systems that can be made more efficient and deliver you and your board strategic insight you are sorely missing now.

    Do these symptoms sound familiar? Contact us now for a free consultation.

    The Solution

    We work within your organisation, usually with your people functions (initially), and them move across to operational parts of the company. We focus on identifying assisting and hindering factors in the company and its business environment at present, but also considering the business strategy and where it will be over the coming months/years.

    Depending on the size of your company and the number of people we need to engage with, the discovery/diagnosis phase takes between 3 days and two weeks and has little to no effect on your day-to-day operations.

    The Result

    You will receive from us all the information we collect in a way that will help you make an informed decision:

    • A full system specification – a list of all the different functions you will require from the system in order to meet your business needs.
    • A comparison matrix – a document that aligns how different suppliers meet your specification and needs (includes costs and implementation times).
    • A findings document – a document containing business-critical information, how the system can be used by different people in your company, existing and potential savings through implementing the system and more.
    • A process automation document – a document mapping processes and procedures that could be automated via the system (this assists in a smooth and quick implementation).

    We can take part of the decision making process, or we can step back and allow you and your senior team or board choose a solution that suits or company.

    We can also work with you through the implementation of the system to make sure you get exactly what you signed up for, help with training critical staff on using the system and make sure you have all the support and contact you need with the supplier for a long-term successful relationship.

    If you would like to learn more or would like to discuss your needs with us, please contact Shani through our website or LinkedIn.