• Learning Technologies

    Learning technologies are fast becoming a vehicle that delivers and manages a significant portion of your employee development and engagement. Integrating it into your business strategy and your OD/L&D strategy can help increase the effectiveness of many people-focused interactions and help manage tasks that are often resource-consuming when managed manually.
    We provide a whole approach that help you harness the power learning technologies to support the growth of your business. That means we help you review what you want to achieve with learning technologies and we work with you to create, adapt, implement and manage the technology mix to deliver the desired results.

    We do that by working with you on the following core components:

    Needs assessment

    If you are considering to implement a learning technology solution (an LMS, a talent management tool, an appraisal tool, social learning platform et al or a combination of those) considering its context within your business is key. To make sure that you buy in the right tool, you must first understand what they business will need it to deliver.

    We work with you to understand your business, its strategy, its market, its challenges and existing practices and provision. Then we develop a specification for a tool (or tools) that will address your needs and leave room for your business to grow with the solution.

    Developing and implementing Learning Technologies strategy

    Based on a thorough needs assessment we conduct across your company, we design a plan for the implementation of solutions throughout the business. This includes liaising with stakeholders, managing the communication for the implementation and supporting it throughout.

    Designing a learning technologies strategy will map, streamline and automate existing processes and practices of many L&D, HR and compliance tasks. It will also outline how to measure learning impact and support the metrics you needs to keep track of to ensure effectiveness and knowledge transfer.

    Market research

    Once you have a specification, we work with you to help get the right system to suit your needs and budget. Our extensive network within the learning technologies community gives you the benefit of having a wider choice of solutions with a better prospect of buying it for a price that suits your company.

    These includes learning management systems, talent management solutions, strategic people management tools, e-Learning development studios, rich content and interactive content development, virtual training rooms and more.

    e-Learning design

    We offer you our wealth of experience in delivering bespoke, tailored and interactive content. From initial content mapping and curriculum creation, through managing the design cycle, we offer an end-to-end solution that can deliver content specific to your business and its people.

    This includes wireframe content mapping, instructional design of content, graphical design of look and feel and the technical build of e-Learning courses (published to SCORM standards).

    In-house Capability

    One of the key elements to make any learning technologies solution viable and successful, is making it sustainable and self-sufficient. We help you achieve that by building capability within your business to create, support, maintain and manage the learning technology solution and its content. We also create and embed best practices, efficient design processes.

    We also project manage any or all of the components listed above: from sourcing a supplier through to managing the implementation. We can assist in the maintenance of the solution.

    We specialise in helping organisations choose an LMS. Click here to learn more about our LMS Consultancy.

    How can this benefit your business?

    e-Learning design

    The regulation applied to your business has changed. This means all employees need to be more vigilant about certain aspects of their daily work. You know from talking to other people in the industry that e-Learning is an effective way of introducing that knowledge – it’s not too expensive, it’s on-demand (people can access it when they want to) and it’s trackable (so you can prove to your regulator that you complied with the need to inform or train employees).

    This can be fixed with off-the-shelf e-Learning. There are plenty of suppliers that offer it. There are many that say it’s customisable. How do you choose? The more important question: how do you make sure that the e-Learning you bought is teaching your employees what the need to know?

    The answer is our starting point: regulation is there to make sure you adopt best practices. These best practices are rarely a one-size-fits all product. We work with you to understand how the regulation may impact the day-to-day behaviour of your employees and either create e-Learning for you or find you the off-the-shelf e-Learning provider that will hit the right training needs. That way, your e-Learning is not just a chore everyone must go through once a year, but an interactive experience that actually improves practices in your business.

    Learning technology consultancy

    Your business spends a lot of time (and money) educating your clients on how to use your products. You identify that offering your clients e-Learning will reduce the costs of client training and education.

    At this point we will have a conversation with you about your vision for the online training you will be offering your clients: will it be interactive? Will there be instructional videos? Do you want to test your clients’ knowledge as part of the training? Do you want to offer them a certificate for having passed learning courses? Do you to assess their experience and knowledge before they start training? Do you want a client to be able to troubleshoot the area they are struggling with on their own? Do you want the training to be structured? Will your customers need to pay for taking these training courses? Will the benefit from a learning community? Will they find Twitter useful? …and more.

    Based on your needs, we will help you find the right system to support the learning you’ll be offering. Once we have a plan for that, we will help you develop (or recruit) the right skills to be able to create and maintain the content you offer to your customers.

    As this is linked to an overall business outcome, we will work with you to make sure the solution is effective, sustainable and reduces the costs of support.