• Career Management

    Many organisations utilise career paths as a means of driving progress of employees. Career paths and career mapping are a cornerstone to any Professional Academy, be it talent focussed, or profession focussed.

    In order for your academy to be successful, you need to ensure it is mapped twice. Once, to the organisational needs: What skills and capabilities does your organisation needs to develop in order to be successful? Twice, to make sure the career paths match the expectations of your workforce, and having them engage with it.

    We offer a sustainable means of creating a two-sided career conversations with your workforce. The idea is simple: through existing processes, such as appraisals and performance management and with minimal training and supervision, you create a two sided conversation with your workforce that clarifies what they aspire their career paths to be and at the same time, making the performance enhancement mechanism in your organisation more powerful.

    By allowing your employees to feed back to you about their expectations from their work-life, you can better focus your proposition to them which will contribute to reduced staff turnover, increased retention, enhanced performance and a boost to your reputation as an employer.

    Our solutions are focused on building capability and social responsibility, both of which contribute to a sustainable means of creating an organisation that profits from supporting its employees.

    We do that by working with you on the following core components:

    Organisational audit and needs assessment

    Our career management and organisational development team will work with key stakeholders to understand your market, strategy, key challenges, current business model, existing processes and people potential. We also engage with a cross-section of your company to understand processes and existing behaviours from top-down and bottom-up approaches.

    Design and implementation of a Career Management toolkit

    Based on your business needs and your existing practices, we make small adjustments to your processes and practices. While engaging key stakeholders across the whole company, we train a pilot group on how the practices have changed and explain how these adjustments contribute to the success of your business.

    We support the team throughout the pilot, evaluating the input and make adaptations to ensure that the tools we create match your needs, are used correctly and have the desired effect.

    We often manage communications surrounding the programme to maximise engagement and offer post-programme support to ensure learning is embedded, utilised and absorbed.
    These can include:

    • Change management communication and process mapping (induction, appraisals, assessments, performance management, L&D, talent management, etc.)
    • Group workshops introducing basic career management concepts
    • 1:1 or group coaching for line manager and senior managers
    • Blended learning solutions for supporting change and implementation


    How can this benefit your business?

    Your company has been doing very well over the past few years. As part of your vision for your company, you would like to have your workforce increase its input into the organisation and how it is run. You’ve tried running innovation and creativity programmes, you’ve sent employees on external training, created a talent programme, ran leadership courses. You think these interventions were successful to some employees, but you would like to be able to reach more of your employees.

    At this point we will review with you and your senior management team the efforts you’ve put in to develop your staff and engage with it. We will also go through your existing processes and map the typical employee lifecycles in your organisation. Then, based on your needs, we will make slight changes to your appraisal processes to include career management elements in it, that give employees an opportunity to understand what their expectation from work is and match it with what your company needs and can offer.

    We train a pilot group of line managers on its purpose and how to deliver it. We work with them as well as your senior managers, making further adjustments as we get feedback from the pilot group. The outcome leads to increased engagement with your workforce, and overall improved performance – both on an operational level and on a strategic level: you will be able to offer the employees who are invested in your company the right development to take them further, and create a culture that rewards those who are ready and willing to go the extra mile.