• What We Do

    Simply Careers – Connecting the Strategic Dots

    Simply Careers was found on the premise that a real, strategic thread weaved into the development of employees makes a big, sustainable difference to organisations. That means creating a clear link between the overall strategy, the sales/marketing strategy to the skills and capabilities your employees will need to have to deliver them.

    Organisational Development

    Just like your strategy aims to keep your company ahead of its competition – your people strategy should keep your employees’ capability ahead of the competition. By adopting a proactive and strategic approach to L&D and understanding what skills the organisation will need in order to meet its objectives, your organisation can achieve more.
    We do this by creating a real link between staff development plans and your strategy.

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    Learning Technologies

    Learning Technologies make the long-term management of learning more effective for learners, organisations and their budget. Furthermore, working with technology mix to engage with employees helps to to foster the culture and levels of accountability the organisation and its employees need in order to succeed. We found that learning technologies are a key success factor in building a sustainable working environment that enhances performance and knowledge transfer..
    We do that by integrating learning technologies within the company and its communication and engagement strategies.

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    Career Management

    Career Management is a forgotten element in today’s landscape of performance management. The recent surge in searching for employee engagement mechanisms is bringing it back centre stage. What better way to engage with employees than to take a real interest in their aspirations and understanding their needs and motivations? Career Management is a highly effective, simple and sustainable means of engaging with your workforce and retaining them.

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    Schools and Communities

    How do schools fit in? Working within the career advice and guidance arena has expanded Simply Careers’ network into schools. The demands on schools, their leaders and staff are in a constant state of flux. Budgets are shrinking while demands are ever increasing. Over the past few years, the organisational challenges that schools face are increasingly similar to those faced by private sector organisations.

    Simply Careers offers a unique tool kit to schools to help them increase capability within the school with minimal additional demand on staff time. This is done through an innovative approach, introducing strategic and consultative tools designed specifically for schools and school leaders combined with a fresh and effective way to manage curriculum across subjects.

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