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    Rise of the LMS

    by  • June 14, 2015 • Learning Technologies • 0 Comments

    Your LMS is likely to be an ugly duckling. Here are some tips to nurture it to the magnificent swan it ought to be.

      The Learning Management System is quite possibly the most underestimated HR system in pretty much every organisaiton. Yes, this is a broad-brush statement that may offend some of you, but the vast majority of you, kind readers, don’t see the importance of your LMS in comparison to, say, your comp and ben database....

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    7 signs you need to rethink your LMS

    by  • September 21, 2014 • Learning Technologies • 0 Comments

    LMSs should automate induction and mandatory learning, support talent and appraisal processes and empower employees. Does yours not do that?

    Learning management systems are wonderful things. They streamline and automate processes that used to eat up hours of work, they provide insights through data and making overlaying datasets with different ones from other places easy as pie. They also revolutionise our organisations: on one hand, they create a lean way to push mandatory learning. On...

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    LMS as a Weather Warning System

    by  • January 10, 2014 • Learning Technologies • 0 Comments

    Imagine you had a way to predict bouts of bad performance or tropical storms incompetence before they hit the shores of your organisation. Imagine no longer – your LMS can do that.

    This fantastic little video from Dr. Marty Jopson tells the story of how weather predictions moved to space. This is a relatively new technology, one that has been developing since the 60s. From dark, grainy images, to high res imagery and radiometer video feeds that gives meteorologists information about what the weather looks like...

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