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    The keys to success – adding value to you, the employer, and the employees through well rounded, partially funded redundancy support

    The keys to success – adding value to you, the employer, and the employees through well rounded, partially funded redundancy support

    Redundancies are a very difficult time in any organisation. It’s difficult on the people who go through it and it is difficult on the people that have to manage it. It requires making difficult decisions from all those involved, decisions that often impact their career, their personal life and their own wellbeing. Providing outplacement support or redundancy support can help manage those difficulties.

    There are a number of funded options to support redundancies currently available (here is a list to the list the providers of Skills Support for Redundancies, a project funded by the European Social Fund), and they are a fantastic way to support employees. Not least because these projects are offered free of charge to you as an organisation. That said, by offering a bit more to your employees – without it costing the earth – you can provide the right support for the right issues and offer much greater value for your organisation and the employees that go through the redundancy process.


    Benefits of funded redundancy support programmes

    The clear benefit if that these are free. For nothing at all, your employees can get a 1:1 session with a career adviser, a workshop or two to prepare them for looking for a new job. Some will even offer a contribution towards a professional training course or a professional qualification.

    Although they often involve a lot of paperwork, for you – as an organisation – there is little to no involvement. There may be some logistical issues you will need to help with, but other than that – it’s all between the provider and the employee. And, in case there are some additional activities the employee chooses to take up, between the employee and you.

    If you are not sure about your eligibility or not who to contact to gain access to funding, please contact us.


    Added value of a bit more investment

    Although aimed to deliver a personal programme, funded programmes often don’t have the resources to tailor the programmes they offer. Because of the pressure they are under to deliver so many different targets to the funding party, they very rarely have the resource to investigate the market, profession and industry that your employees target.

    For example, if I delivered a CV workshop or Interview skills workshop for a group of engineers, I will probably use a slightly different approach to the one I would employ if I deliver a workshop to warehouse operatives. Similarly, the content and approach would differ between a group of employees of an IT company, a logistics firm or a public service and their respective career goals.

    By tailoring the content and delivery approach, it’s easier to motivate and engage people going through redundancies. They know that the advice they are given is based on the reality in their profession and in their industry that makes their interactions with the job market that much more successful.

    The added value: more people walk straight into another job and are more likely to stick with it.


    But to me, the most value to the organisation is through the ability to have the positive feedback directly to them. When using a funded programme, you have no involvement at all as an organisation. This means that you won’t be able to enjoy any of its successes.

    If you engage with a solution that will complement the funded offering, you will be able to track progress and work alongside the funded programme to make sure the redundancy isn’t just a story of forcing people out of a job, but helping them to open doors for new jobs.


    If you are considering redundancies or about to make some redundancies, get in touch with us for a free, no obligation consultation to see how we (and a funded programme) can help you.

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