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    This week’s Outplacement Diaries is from Neil Fell in London:


    Outplacement Diaries - Neil Fell

    Neil Fell, of Silverleaf Consulting

    “In the autumn of 2009 the bank I worked for nearly 3 years closed its doors. It was a pretty dispiriting experience having been part of the team which built it from scratch. The banking crisis claimed us as one of its many victims. In many ways it was the perfect job and my thoughts at the time were, ‘How this could be repeated’. As part of my severance package I was given time with an outplacement counsellor. She got me to think wider than the next corporate role and as a result of that thinking I started my own HR consultancy practice supporting SMEs; I had acquired a taste for working in the SME environment whilst at the bank.

    Two and a half years later the business is established and I am earning a good living from it. Yes, I got a good CV out of the work I did too but my experience was more about what did I want to do with my future rather than how will I get my next job. In addition to the practical help my counsellor also helped me to restore my confidence and sense of purpose. Outplacement worked for me and I even got my first client from one of my counsellor’s network!”


    Neil Fell is an HR professional and the managing director of Silverleaf Consulting, a successful HR consultancy based in London.


    I met Neil in an event in London, he pegged me as “The OD Person” and we quickly started talking shop. As our conversation veered towards the impact of change in organisation, we started talking about the place outplacement has in organisational change and development. Neil mentioned to me, rather off the cuff, that having had a great outplacement  experience set him on the path to set up his own consultancy which turned out to be a great step for him.

    It’s important for me to hear and broadcast stories like Neil’s, particularly in today’s economy and current HR agenda. Redundancies have huge a personal impact that should not be discounted when making redundancies. Outplacement can make sure that impact is positive and empowering on all levels: personal, business and economic.


    Disclaimer – Neil’s outplacement was not provided by Simply Careers.


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