• NEET Corner – What Can I Earn?

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    NEET Corner - What Can I Earn? via @JobZoo

    NEET Corner – What Can I Earn? via @JobZoo


    This colourful but informative infographic has been put together using facts and figures from various sources from around the web. What Can I Earn is a new graphic from the people at Job Zoo which discusses all things money related, from the most popular jobs around to average wages per town. Did you know, for instance, that the payment gap between men and women for 2012 stood at 9.6%? And that hairdressers earn the smallest wage of any other job? Feast your eyes on this and more as we look deep into the world of earnings in the UK.

    Job Zoo was created with the primary purpose of giving young people, school leavers, grads/post grads and first time jobbers the best chance of finding that dream job. They provide users with job listings, CV templates and much more.

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