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    Let’s usher in the new age of learning technologies: say hello to your new CPD record – your facebook feed. (facebook is used for illustration purposes only. Other brands are available)

    Let’s usher in the new age of learning technologies: say hello to your new CPD record – your facebook feed. (facebook is used for illustration purposes only. Other brands are available)

    The time I spent this year at the Learning Technologies show was coloured with disruption. Mostly, it became searching ways to make learning more than the traditional concept of training sessions and assessments (be it face to face or online).

    Not too long ago I wrote about gamifying a competency framework and offered free consultancy to help an organisation gamify their framework.

    The fact that that offer is still open tells a lot about the organisational reality, and particularly when it comes to learning. Many learning professionals are finding it difficult to find their voice in the strategic discourse. So making that voice weird and disruptive and left field may feel like a great risk.

    Risky, or reducing risk?

    Here’s why it isn’t: the beauty of the new age of learning technologies is making learning prevalent and contextual – everywhere. No longer is learning done in a classroom, no longer is it done in front of a computer. It takes it into the learner’s device, and then it takes it out of the device and into real life. It makes the learner see learning in everything they do.

    Remember when e-Learning first came out? How one of the biggest winning points in the business case was that people can learn in their own time? No more would one need to whist dozens of people away from their desk/workstations! No more would training cripple ongoing daily operations!

    Well, we are now going one up from that. No more will people need to spend their time doing e-Learning in front of their workstations! No more would e-learning “unplug” people from their daily demands for 30 minutes at the time (if they’re lucky..).

    Linking Learning to Everything

    Utilising Tin Can API (xAPI) allows you to take your strategic learning even further. If in the previous age we linked skills to competency frameworks, whereby a learner collected “brownie points” for completing learning on an LMS (which could have been on the job training as well), the collection of “brownie points” has just become really virtual, but properly vetted.

    Utilising frameworks like OpenBadges allows you to link experiences within and outside your organisation to a real capability. It certifies skills, experiences and capabilities that – once gained – verify the extent to which those skills were used. These can be gained at  one’s spare time, at another job, in a school or college. You win more capability at no cost to the organisation.

    The notion here is actually a bit bigger – your organisation can join a framework that opens up the secretive lid on capability. It joins an open, comparable grid of capability. Herald in a world where the extent of transferrable skills is truly transparent.

    What will that do to you hiring times and costs, if you knew that a badge earned in another organisation belonging to the framework is 100% bonafide?

    Upgrade now!

    So between reducing downtime due to learning, augmenting the scope of learning outside work at a reduced cost and making recruitment more effective you are still having doubts?


    If you do or don’t – share them with us! Comment below or get in touch.

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