• New research: Labour Market Information (LMI) and CEG

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    New research: Labour Market Information (LMI) and CEG

    Labour Market Information (LMI) and CEG go hand in hand, says new research from UK Commission for Employment and Skills.

    The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) has published a number of reports earlier in September about the importance and best practices surrounding the use of Labour Market Information in career education and guidance (CEG).

    The three reports, having similar titles but very different contents are important empirical evidence that career guidance should not be left to chance. Whilst this isn’t news, the first, and possibly most revealing bit of research, titled Using and Sharing Career Related Labour Market Information – Research Report (click here for the PDF) outlines a wireframe for a CEG/CEIAG (career information, advice and guidance).

    A Career Education/Information, Advice and Guidance should be:

    • Steered by a vision and strategy
    • Networked in partnerships with external organisations and within local context
    • Have current and up to date resources
    • Driven by processes and policies and assisted by the right systems
    • Delivered by professionals whose CPD is managed as part of the service’s strategy

    The report queries practices in 12 organisations. Most of these are organisations which primary function is to deliver career advice, such as Connexions, or JobCentrePlus. (There was also a college amongst these). It’s true, a school’s primary function is not providing career advice or career education, but education as a whole.

    That said, secondary schools, colleges, FE and HE are too close to the waterline to ignore it: all these educational institutions contribute to the local labour market and part of their education efforts, educating their students about the local labour market should be on its agenda.

    Moreover, by linking in with local organisations, industry, public sector and other schools, each school will be increasing its place and value as a community hub. Links like this can also help each school build relationships to help deliver some of the SMSC/PSHE/Career content (CEG/CEIAG included) that may not have the resource to develop and support on their own.


    If you’re interested – do take a look at UKCES’ latest titles:

    1. Using and Sharing Career Related Labour Market Information – Research Report
    2. Using and Sharing LMI to Inform Future Choices
    3. Issues and challenges in using and sharing career related LMI


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