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    New trends in job interviews - a quick count of new hiring techniques.

    New trends in job interviews – a quick count of new hiring techniques.

    As the age range of the job seekers grows and the unique abilities they each possess vary, workplaces are starting to bring in new tools and techniques to the interview stage to assess suitability. Rest assured, job searchers, there is no need to panic. Very few (if any) of these techniques are common practice, unlike the dreaded “tell me about yourself?”. But as their popularity grows, you may want to consider them, just to be on the safe side.

    Before we start – quick reminder

    All these new means of assessing the right person for a job are usually part of the selection route. As a candidate, you should be able to ask about the selection process to prepare yourself for what’s ahead.

    More importantly, it is extremely likely that a good, old fashioned, face-to-face interview will be part of the selection process. As such, bring out your prep sheets and get started. Everything else is sugar on top!

    Action test: a case study panel

    What? This is a type of “inbox” test. You are presented with a business case or issue and are requested to explore it and suggest a solution. This is mostly used in leadership/managerial roles (both people and technical) and analyst/consultancy ones as well.

    How to deal: take your time to think the issue through and remember that half the issues are usually about understanding the problem properly. Leave no assumption unturned! A good consultative approach doesn’t solely rely on one’s existing bag of tricks and past experiences, it aims to look at the situation anew.

    Video conferencing interviews

    What? This is more about the “how” than then “what”. The interviews are largely the same as telephone interviews and even face to face interviews. They are just conducted through a video conferencing software, like Skype or Facetime.

    How to deal: the important thing here is to remember to treat this as any other interview. Dress up and prepare. Part of your prep is making sure that the location you choose for the interview is a well-lit, tidy room that is free from distractions and noise.


    What? Instead of sending you through a battery of psychometric tests you get asked to play some games on a tablet. (A wonderful Forbes article explains the ins and outs).

    How to deal: there is little for you to prep for this one. Most games I’ve seen and read about are very easy to navigate. You need not master a gaming console’s 18-button controller to be able to do this. These games simply provide a different spin on measuring certain skills and personality traits – just like the psychometric questionnaires of yore. They usually take less time and are more fun to do.


    What? As part of the selection process you are asked to create something out of Lego or with finger paints that answers a question. The question varies, but tends to span around “what is your ideal job?”, “how would you approach this job?”, “what’s the perfect boss/company?” etc.

    How to deal: don’t overthink this one. In fact, the less you think, the better; unless you usually think like an 8-year-old. Regress yourself to a state where you believe people could possess superpowers, flora and fauna could talk and the unbelievable happened on a daily basis (yes, I know, this can be hard for us harsh, weary cynics). Let your imagination run wild and see what comes out. “Having fun” is a critical part of this test.


    What do you think? Have you used these techniques or have experienced them in an interview? Let us know! Comment below!

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