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    The importance of vocabulary

    by  • June 9, 2012 • Schools and Communities • 0 Comments

    Verbalising complex vocabulary

    A fascinating research done in the University of Derby highlights the need to expand Career Education to include the understanding of complex vocabulary of words and concepts, for example, “Career”.   The research, Talking About Career, was conducted by the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) in the University of Derby and published earlier...

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    How should we prepare students for life at work?

    by  • May 25, 2012 • Schools and Communities • 0 Comments

    Learning to work or working to learn?

    When business-education charity Career Academies UK pointed out earlier this week that employers are seeking school leavers to have additional skills not covered in the “Golden Standard” of GCSEs, we wonder how we should update the curriculum without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.   Earlier this week the charity Career Academies UK...

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    Let them have jobs!

    by  • May 8, 2012 • Schools and Communities • 0 Comments

    Simply careers Education Employability blog

    With business confidence in school leavers’ ability to integrate in the workplace at an all-time low, do we perhaps need to consider revising some of the skills taught in schools to make them more appealing to businesses Roughly six month ago, the CBI released some alarming figures: 28.6% of businesses have confidence in hiring...

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