• About Shani Efford-Eliraz

    Shani is an Organisational Development consultant that specialises in the human element: Learning and Development, Learning Technologies, Career and Talent Management and outplacement solutions. She an extensive background in L&D, coaching, training and Learning Technologies. With varied experience from instructional design to career coaching, Shani has worked throughout her career with a variety of businesses, including Cereal Partners, Young’s Brewery, Cisco, HSBC, Willis Insurance, Emerson Engineering, ACI Worldwide and CMC Markets. Shani has a unique combination of experience, which includes designing L&D solutions, training and coaching along with experience in learning technologies solutions, data solutions and design. In addition to those, Shani has hands on experience in business management and can link learning and technology directly to business performance, outputs, needs and objectives.


    Nobody puts baby in the corner

    by  • December 1, 2015 • OD and L&D • 0 Comments

    A quick guide for moving L&D forward (and out of the corner)

    I was on a call with a chap I started working with recently. During the call he said to me (in what I believe was the best intention at heart) that no one would listen to me – a lowly learning professional. In his view, the business knows better than learning professionals, because we...

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    …is OD Part of HR?

    by  • November 12, 2015 • OD and L&D • 0 Comments

    A popular question with an unpopular answer.

    People ask this all the time, and I’d like to set the record straight: No. There are no two ways about it, folks, OD is not and should not be part of HR, and pardon the common vernacular when I say #SorryNotSorry. Why are so many OD people in HR? That’s a fantastic question,...

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    Losing our cool

    by  • October 20, 2015 • OD and L&D • 0 Comments

    There’s no silver-lining: people can’t be managed. And it will make you angry.

    A quick explanation: I wrote this blog in early August and decided to shelve it. Then – much to my surprise, a reminder popped on my ToDoIst and said “look at it”. Initially, I forgot I wrote this blog, I forgot I set the reminder (thank heavens for productivity apps, they do their job...

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