• About Us

    Simply Careers is about people. Simply Careers is about adding value. Simply Careers is about adding value through people. We truly believe that any organisation can succeed with the right people and the right plans for their people. That’s why we started Simply Careers.


    We believe that investment in people starts at school. Our Education offering is aimed at schools, teachers, education leaders and students, helping make sure that they are geared up not only for successes in Education, but also at work. We engage students to aspire to become more.

    Our experience engaging employers, managing stakeholders and adapting current and leading edge learning and development mechanisms from the private sector into education allows us to give schools and their students the value added to prepare their students for a successful life at work.


    We believe in good business common sense. We know that in order for your organisation to succeed you need a great product (or service, a business plan, a sales strategy and the right people. But getting the right people, much like the other parts that make up your organisation, doesn’t stop at having recruited them. People need to be engaged and developed by the business to make sure they grow to deliver your business’ outcomes.

    Our commitment to a long term partnership with you mixed with our passion to deliver value mean that your success is also our success. Our commercial background delivers a strategy for maintaining and developing your employees that links directly to your business plan and your business objectives.


    We know that change is inevitable and difficult, we know it’s twice as difficult when making redundancies. We also know that by supporting your organisation, those who are staying and those who are leaving all the people involved are able to achieve a career transition that suits them.

    Our experience isn’t that only of career coaches and employability trainers, but that of project management and stakeholder engagement in organisations facing change. Our programmes are tailored to your needs and culture and are made to deliver value to all those invoved.

    Meet the team

    Rachel Hicks

    Rachel is a qualified professional consultant with expertise in human resources management including recruitment, training, coaching, and business development. She has carried out a wide range of bespoke training and development programmes across a spectrum of well known companies in the private, public and voluntary sectors within the UK and overseas. The training solutions are intended to enhance performance in the workplace and are designed to be highly participative and delivered in a relaxed style to create a comfortable environment aimed to bring out the best in the delegates and to maximise their learning.

    Shani Efford-Eliraz -- Simply CareersShani Efford-Eliraz

    A co-founder of Simply Careers, Shani is an experienced consultant with a pragmatic and practical approach to designing and deploying solutions that make people and businesses achieve their goals. She worked in a variety of sectors, including retail, media, IT, FMCG, finance and engineering. Her expertise spans learning and development, organisational development, learning technologies, e-Learning development and production, career coaching and outplacement.

    As a consultant, Shani engages with businesses to understand their markets and strategy and the impact they will have on employee capability. With a deep understanding of business culture and challenges, she develops strategies and solutions to enhance staff capability and grow people potential. This often includes the design of blended training programmes and the use of learning technologies, such as learning platforms, e-Learning, and social learning. Shani’s expertise in this area is to create engaging learning that delivers real business output and supports sustainable positive change in employee behaviour which has proven particularly successful in Compliance training.

    As an outplacement coach and provider, Shani works with organisations to understand the business circumstances and operational needs surrounding the redundancy, as well as the needs of the individuals impacted by it. She then assists the organisation to implement the solution as a project manager and coach  in a way it will be least disruptive to the “Business As Usual” operations still taking place. As a coach she works with individuals to inspire confidence and self-reliance and motivational and practical tools to help deal with the job market and manage career change.


    Our Environmental Statement

    Simply Careers is an environmentally conscious and responsible organisation, striving to ensure that our business is conducted in ways that do least damage to the environment.

    That means that we try to minimise the use of resources and strive to use renewable or reusable resources; we consume material goods in moderation; we dispose of unused or unwanted goods in a safe manner, adhering to legislation and recycling whenever possible; we encourage our clients, partners and suppliers to consider less wasteful practices; and we review our practices regularly to ensure sustainability.